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Many fun dance contests are offered. There are divisions for many skill and experience levels from 1st time rookie competitors to seasoned professionals. Winners receive cash prizes, gift certificates, peer admiration and customized ribbons or plaques. All contests will be judged by well respected judges and scored using the relative placement system. Below is a simple summary of the contests. There are entry requirements and limitations specific to each contest. Read the complete rules
and Code of Conduct if you would like to participate.

Strictly Swing

Enter with your partner, we pick the music. No costumes or choreography allowed.

Levels: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Allstar/Champion.

Age Divisions: Sophisticated(35+), Masters (50+)

NEW! Switchly Swing: Lead, Follow, Switch! Requires role switching between partners. All levels welcome to enter.


ProAm Strictly: Enter with your teacher. Levels: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate

ProAm Jack & Jill: Enter on your own. Dance with a randomly drawn Allstar or Champion. Levels: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate

Jack & Jill

The ultimate social dance contest with cash prizes! Enter without a partner, couples are randomly paired, we pick the music. There will be multiple rounds of competition for each division.

WSDC Levels: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Allstar

Age Divisions: Sophisticated(35+), Masters (50+),


NEW! All American with a Twist. Everyone should enter this just for fun contest.

Novice Shootout - Novice JJ 1st-4th place winners are automatically entered in this ProAm tournament contest. They will dance with a pro staff member in a fast paced, dance off final. 5th place serve as alternates.


Bring your partner, your music, your costumes and routine. Enjoy 3 minutes of fame in the spotlights with a live audience and 1000s more watching online. FREE professionally produced video too!

Rising Star - Any swing style. Lifts are allowed but not required. DCSX is a member of the Rising Star Tour.

ProAm Spotlight - Teacher/Student couples, any swing style. Exhibition, Leader & Follwer contests.

Team - Swing based choreography with 4 or more couples

DCSX is a member of the World Swing Dance Council (WSDC). Points awarded to winners and finalists in the leveled West Coast Swing Jack & Jill divisions determine which level you are eligible to enter. See rules. DCSX is a member of the WCS Rising Star Tour. DCSX is licensed with Ascap, BMI and Seasac through membership in the National Fast Dance Association.


Swing Team $500
1st $250, 2nd $150, 3rd $100

Rising Star Routine $500
1st $250, 2nd $150, 3rd $100

Strictly Swing $1500 in Cash Prizes

Jack & Jill winners receive cash prizes based on entries (over $5000 awarded in 2018).
1st - 3rd place will recieve a custom medal

ProAm division winners in all categories receive certificates and other non-cash prizes

All American contest winners receive DCSX t-shirts. Contestants in All American are also eligible to win a MADjam pass!

Any contest with fewer than 5 entries may be cancelled or prize payouts reduced.

2018 Winners!


Rising Star

1st Lia Brown & Helen Chao
2nd Joel Torgeson & Katie Smiley-Oyen
3rd Richard DeFelice & Susan DeFelice
4 Bill Hopkins & Lorraine Rohlik
5 Natasha Flowers & Timothy Kenny


1st DC Capital Swing
2nd Swing Dance Virginia
3rd Role Play

ProAm Spotlight Followers

1st Lucie Renaud w/Kyle Redd
2nd Simona Gizdarska w/Christopher Muise
3rd Amanda Compton w/John Lindo
4 Robyn Walker w/Steve Wilder

ProAm Spotlight Leaders

1st Kyle King w/Lemery Rollins
2nd Dustin Betts w/Lara Deni
3rd Wendall McClellan w/Lara Deni
4 Chris Tuey w/Lara Deni

Strictly Swing (92 couples) These are just the finalists

Novice 16 Couples Entered

1st John Collini & Jeannette Senn
2nd Mangesh Urankar & Jennifer Piwonski
3rd Brendan Morales & Moriah Edwards
4 Carmichael Tavora & Kathleen Mott
5 Kevin Lindley & Lisa Daniels
6 Richard Watts & Christa Eppinghaus
7 Brian Evans & Melinda Evans

Sophisticated 12 Couples Entered

1st Steve Wilder & Erica Smith
2nd Andre Silva & Shirlei Toledo
3rd Paul Canfield & Marta Canfield
4 Dominique Morin & Jia Lu
5 CJ Caraway & Lara Deni
6 Eddie Karoliussen & Adela Su
7 Keith Stremmel & Debbie Adams
8 Richard DeFelice & Kristin Wenger
9 Gerry Morris & Angela Risser
10 Michael Gehrling & Kate Leach
11 Torrey Breeden & Janet Scuorzo
12 Carmichael Tavora & Toni Laich

Masters 7 Couples Entered

1st Gerry Morris & Debbie Tuttle-Steffanina
2nd Richard DeFelice & Adela Su
3rd Rick Dauss & Susan DeFelice
4th Richard Watts & Pauline Harris
5th Randolph Peters & Jody Katz
6 George Hughes & Diane Hughes
7 Genieboy Collins & Cindy Tignor

Intermediate 19 Couples Entered

1st Rodrigo Monteiro & Cindy perella
2nd Gabe Sta & Mara Flores
3rd Vincent Van Mierlo & Pauline Charbogne
4th Laurissa Stokes & Brianna Miller
5th Robbie Fraleigh & Dana Ray
6 Alexander Carney & Laura Pendleton
7 Jean-Paul Reddinger & Julie Thieblemont
8 Anthony Hooks & Katherine Lindberg
9 Omaid Karimi & Yubin Kim
10 Christopher Fraser & Erika Dane

Advanced 21 Couples Entered

1st Peter Yin & Kathleen Sun
2nd Omar Gonzalez & Gaia Read
3rd Alexander Stavola & Kelly Ponce de Leon
4th Sean Sommer & Felicia Li
5th Dimitri Hector & Timothy Kenny
6 Andre Silva & Shirlei Toledo
7 Eddie Karoliussen & Patrick Tran
8 Alec Grant & Sophie Cazeneuve
9 Dominique Morin & Renee Tiun
10 Antoine Piedfert & Lucie Renaud

Open 17 Couples Entered

1st Gregory Scott & Lemery Rollins
2nd Robert Royston & Stacy Kay
3rd Ryan Boz & Alexis Garrish
4th Jerome Subey & Jade Ruiz
5th Alexandre Peducasse & Ardena Gojani
6 Jung Choe & Margaret Tuttle
7 Igor Pitangui & Rayane Calixto
8 Philippe Berne & Flore Merlier-Berne
9 Steve Wilder & Lara Deni
10 Joel Torgeson & Brittany LaPointe
11 Oliver Monroy & Jia Lu

Jack & Jill 476 entries! - These are just the finalists!

Newcomer Jack & Jill

Total of 20 Leaders & 21 Followers Entered
1st Etienne Venet & Maria Pena
2nd Garrett Wang & Umka Pele
3rd Eric Selnow & Renske Gelderloos
4 Patrick Chang & Jacqueline Watts
5 Austin Matthews & Lauren Sessa
6 Nelson Newman & Martha Welsh
7 Hayden Richards & Heidi Paul
8 Jody Katz & Kelli Joseph
9 Artem Bolshakov & Corey Grunert
10 Toni Laich & Ursula Krishtal
11 Tim Grunert & Cara Wallo
12 Alejandro Oms & Brittany Poley

Novice Jack & Jill

Total of 47 Leaders & 43 Followers Entered
1st Mangesh Urankar & Moriah Edwards
2nd Michael Medini & Casey Daniels
3rd Richard Watts & Katherine Millford
4 Dustin Betts & Yolanda Parrish
5 Tegan Wilson & Katherine Lindberg
6 Christopher Pirkle & Lisa Daniels
7 James Min & Lola Cohensashley
8 Peter Man-Un Ung & Bree Frick
9 Steve Rekhler & Mythien Dunlap
10 Chris Rupp & Maria Ferrara
11 Carmichael Tavora & Rebekah Abbey
12 Daniella Minetti & Kristina Wells
13 Henrik Qvigstad & Geraldine Asoluka
14 Kevin Lindley & Kaeshini Thiran
15 Lorenzo Garcia & Wilder Estrada

Masters Jack & Jill

Total of 15 Leaders & 12 Followers Entered
1st Eric Thompson & Sharrone Smith
2nd Gerry Morris & Susan DeFelice
3rd Rick Dauss & Adela Su
4 Bruce Baker & Mythien Dunlap
5 Randolph Peters & Jan Tu
6 Richard DeFelice & Jody Katz
7 David Raines & Pauline Harris

Sophisticated Jack & Jill

Total of 27 Leaders & 21 Followers Entered
1st Andre Silva & Erica Smith
2nd CJ Caraway & Marta Canfield
3rd Dominique Morin & Jes Ann Nail
4 Rodrigo Monteiro & Shirlei Toledo
5 Eddie Karoliussen & Adela Su
6 Richard DeFelice & Leah Doxakis
7 Paul Canfield & Mané Rebelo-Plaut
8 Doug Morgan & Ivy Grey
9 Keith Stremmel & Laura McCann
10 Randolph Peters & Tammy Davis

Intermediate Jack & Jill

Total of 37 Leaders & 52 Followers Entered
1st Benjamin Birdsong & Michelle Grasso
2nd Rodrigo Monteiro & Shirlei Toledo
3rd Vincent Van Mierlo & Marie Soldevila
4 Yu Hua Cheng & Kelsey Buckley
5 Jason Donahoo & Ashritha Mohan Ram
6 Anthony Hooks & Cindy perella
7 Gaétan Grondin & Mara Flores
8 Kyle Lemoi & Alanna Wing Libbrecht
9 Gabe Sta & Debbie Adams
10 Alexander Carney & Susy Li
11 Alec Grant & Caitlin Solomon
12 Victor Chen & Elli Warner
13 Christopher Fraser & Lindsey Granger

Advanced Jack & Jill

Total of 35 Leaders & 36 Followers Entered
1st Alexander Stavola & Monica Ly
2nd Timothy Kenny & Caroline Skaar
3rd Andre Silva & Nikki Kontoulas
4 Kyle Lapatin & Helen Chao
5 Omar Gonzalez & Gaia Read
6 Peter Yin & Rayane Calixto
7 Bryan Adams & Kathleen Sun
8 Gyuri Dorko & Marta Canfield
9 Sean Sommer & Ivy Grey
10 Dimitri Hector & Lucie Renaud
11 Ryan Hayes & Jia Lu

All Star Jack & Jill

Total of 29 Leaders & 22 Followers Entered
1st Jung Choe & Igor Pitangui
2nd Alexandre Peducasse & Lindsay Mistretta
3rd Oliver Monroy & Lia Brown
4 Brandon Parker & Kristen Parker
5 Edem Attikese & Margaret Tuttle
6 Keith Penu & Jade Ruiz
7 Daniil Pavlov & Ardena Gojani
8 Ryan Boz & Brooklyn Lanham
9 Rob Glover & Jes Ann Nail
10 Stanislav Ivanov & Alyssa Gillespie
11 Glen Acheampong & Sayaka Suzaki

Invitational Jack & Jill

Total of 7 Leaders & 7 Followers Entered
1st John Lindo & Alexis Garrish
2nd Hugo Miguez & Laureen Baldovi
3rd Kyle Redd & Stacy Kay
4 Robert Royston & Flore Merlier-Berne
5 Philippe Berne & Lemery Rollins
6 Jerome Subey & Patty Vo
7 Gregory Scott & Bonnie Subey

SWITCH IT UP (45 individual entries) These are just the finalists

1st Melissa Greene & Patrick Tran
2nd Timothy Kenny & Jason Sun
3rd Faith Pangilinan & Philippe Berne
4 Jade Ruiz & Natasha Flowers
5 Erica Smith & Steve Wilder
6 Mané Rebelo-Plaut & Flore Merlier-Berne
7 Joel Torgeson & Jes Ann Nail
8 ryan Hayes & Victor Hernandez
9 Omar Gonzalez & Oliver Monroy

Pro Am Jack & Jill (97 entries) These are just the finalists

Jack & Jill ProAm (68 entries) These are just the finalists

Novice (Amateur Lead) 21 Entered

1st Place Peter Man-Un Ung w/Bonnie Subey
2nd Place Jan Tu w/Laureen Baldovi
3rd Place Christopher Pirkle w/Stacy Kay
Winston Colon-Moran w/Lemery Rollins
Richard Watts w/Patty Vo
Jeremiah Finnigan w/Blake Hobby Dowling
Matthew Eskolin w/Lori Rousar
Kyle Hebert w/Anne Fleming
Chris Rupp w/Jes Ann Nail

Intermediate (Amateur Lead) 13 Entered

1st Place Gabe Sta w/Blake Hobby Dowling
2nd Place Anthony Hooks w/Bonnie Subey
3rd Place Lorenza McCann w/Kristen Parker
Christopher Fraser w/Margaret Tuttle
Rodrigo Monteiro w/Stephanie Risser Loveira
Vincent Van Mierlo w/Alyssa Gillespie
David Killinger w/Anne Fleming
Orian Breaux w/Ardena Gojani

Novice (Amateur Follow) 21 Entered

1st Place Moriah Edwards w/Jerome Subey
2nd Place Bree Frick w/Steve Wilder
3rd Place Kaeshini Thiran w/Jung Choe
Maria Ferrara w/Igor Pitangui
Rebekah Abbey w/Matthew Smith
Katherine Millford w/Jeff Mumford
Megan Clark w/Brandon Parker
Katherine Lindberg w/Rob Glover

Intermediate (Amateur Follow) 13 Entered

1st Place Natasha Flowers w/Hugo Miguez
2nd Place Cindy perella w/Kyle Redd
3rd Place Ashritha Mohan Ram w/Gregory Scott
Debbie Adams w/Jerome Subey
Rachel Holdren w/Rob Glover
Alison Fanous w/John Lindo

ProAm Strictly Swing 25 entries

PRO AM (Leaders)

Novice (Amateur Lead)
1st Place Gold w/Honors Carmichael Tavora w/Erica Smith
2nd Place Gold w/Honors Henrik Qvigstad w/Ardena Gojani
3rd Place Gold Richard Watts w/Erica Smith
Gold Leigh Yu w/Lemery Rollins
Gold Brendan Morales w/Margaret Tuttle
Silver Kyle King w/Lemery Rollins
Silver Jody Katz w/Katia Grigoriants
Silver Frank Tehel w/Bonnie Subey

Intermediate Leader (Amateur Lead)

1st Place Gold Alec Grant w/Margaret Tuttle
2nd Place Gold Matt Kling w/Lemery Rollins
3rd Place Gold David Killinger w/Stacy Kay
Gold Hunter Hobbs w/Bonnie Subey
Gold Jeff Steffanina w/Margaret Tuttle
Silver Scott Raymond w/Lemery Rollins
Silver Wendall McClellan w/Lara Deni

PRO AM (Followers)

Novice (Amateur Follow)
1st Place Gold Yolanda Parrish w/Ryan Boz
2nd Place Gold Jennifer Piwonski w/Jes Ann Nail
3rd Place Gold Christa Eppinghaus w/Jeff Mumford
Gold Barbara Frost w/Rob Glover
Silver Robyn Walker w/Steve Wilder
Silver Niki Kaplan w/Robert Royston

Intermediate (Amateur Follow)

1st Place Gold Debbie Adams w/Keith Stremmel
2nd Place Gold Leah Lawrence w/Robert Royston
3rd Place Gold Susy Li w/Hugo Miguez
Gold Deborah McCray w/Jung Choe

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